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Breath-works(the basement)


Friends of Dee Taylor therapies

Therapists and Teachers who also work from Breath-works in Alva street, who I highly recommend.

Professional Courses in Reiki, Meditation and Massage

Complementary Therapies, Holistic Courses, Meditation and more...

At Feel Good Therapies Ltd, we are here to support and help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Our experienced team of professional tutors and therapists are here to offer you advice, help you de-stress and empower you with new skills. We offer therapy course training, meditation courses, meditation books and CDs to support your health and wellbeing (for beginner to advanced levels).


Gilli Moorhawk is a healer with nearly 20 years experience in various modalities including reiki, feng shui, spirit clearing, nutritional guidance, and EFT. She has recently trained in a powerful new therapy called Life Alignment which is an energy therapy that helps clear out limiting blocks and beliefs that may be holding people back in life or causing physical symptoms. contact Gilli on

Testimonials : "Since we did the work together I went on my first date in years. I feel so much more positive about my future." Ms S, Edinburgh


Nicola McDermid, is a massage therapist who practises Holistic Swedish massage and also has a diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a diploma in Seated Accupressure Massage and is studying Myofascial Release techniques. Contact Nicola on


Audrey Hird is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Practitioner who also teaches Meditation for beginners.

“Born in Dundee I initially learnt Transcendental Meditation back in the 80’s. This was a very new thing to me but it had been recommended through a friend who had felt great benefits from it, so I went along. With a lot going on in my life at the time, it was fascinating how I went from not sleeping very well to falling asleep and awakening at the right time without the assistance of an alarm clock. I started my Reiki training in June 2006 and went on to complete my training in Usui and Karuna Reiki. In doing so I went on a very interesting and enlightening spiritual journey and have never looked back. Having rubbed shoulders with cancer myself, I have experienced the great benefits of having regular treatments of any kind of alternatively therapy. I am very happy to be able offer people the chance to find out more about themselves through Reiki treatments and meditation.” Contact Audrey on

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